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A customer centric system integrator that specializes in Life Sciences working with Emerson DeltaV and Inductive Automations Ignition. We strive for a high quality product and optimized operator experience.

Our Edge


Taking projects from ideation to implementation in production, long term maintenance and supporting the code base. We can help you at any part of the life cycle.


Specializing in remote developement, simulation, and dynamic team resourcing. Its easy to add automation experts to any team.


As a small firm, we excel at adapting quickly to various situations. Feeling the squeeze of the unrealistic schedule? Let us ease some pressure.

Yep, We do it

We are experts in Native DeltaV and system integration for stand alone PLC equipment in a GMP Environment.

  • Utilities (WFI/CIP)
  • Single Use Technologies (Fillers, Mixers, etc)
  • Filter Skids (NFF, TFF, UF)
  • Freeze Thaw Units (pFTU)
  • Chromatography
  • Climate/Environment Management Systems (CMS/EMS)
June 24, 2023

Enhancing Environmental Monitoring in Pharmaceutical GMP Environments

Implementing improvements to environmental monitoring graphics is a straightforward way to enhance quality of life in the plant, offering time saving benefits.

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